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Positive Puppy Pre-School (for puppies 8 to 15 weeks of age)

This class is for puppies that are 8 to 15 weeks of age at the start of class. This may be the most important class to take with your dog to ensure that you will have a well-behaved dog for years to come. Paw Law's puppy program was developed by the Veterinarian Behaviorist at Purdue University.  The only requirement is that puppies have to be worm free and up-to-date on puppy vaccinations, meaning puppies have to have a at least one set of puppy vaccinations from a veterinarian at 8 weeks of age or older. Puppies do NOT need a rabies vaccination for puppy class.

Class Start Dates        

Saturdays @ 10AM - Beginning 1-12-19          

Class fee for 6-week class is $150.00 - Call Don 312-735-9563


* Ongoing means that this class is one of Paw Law's "Punch/Training Card" classes. Punch cards are purchased the first day of class and have an expiration date on them. This date is determined by which class you are signing up for to use up 8 punches. After the expiration date, the punch card will have no value. NO EXCEPTIONS. Paw Law's punch cards are NOT transferable to any other dog. Paw Law is NOT responsible for lost cards. If an owner forgets their card, they will be required to pay for class that day (cash, check, or credit card). NO EXCEPTIONS. There are NO refunds for unused punches on a training card. Contact 630-893-5789 for more information.

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