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Feisty Fido Behavior Modification Class

Do you have a dog that will not fair well in a group environment because your dog is reactive to other dogs? A dog who exhibits threatening or aggressive behaviors toward other dogs can be a serious liability to his owner. Many of these dogs are kept isolated from other dogs for the rest of their lives or they are surrendered to shelters or worse. It is extremely difficult to get a significant level of distraction when working privately, one on one. Having other dogs present may be crucial to the behavior modification plan, but sometimes difficult to achieve when working through your dog’s problems. After all, how many people want to use their dogs as “bait” in your behavior modification program?

As part of Paw Law’s behavior modification program we will work with you and your dog so your dog will be exposed to other dogs and learn in a controlled environment how to behave. Owners participating in this program are relieved to learn that they are not alone with their problem. As part of the feisty fido program, you will have an opportunity to learn to read your dog’s body language as well as that of other dogs. You will learn to recognize your dog’s arousal signs BEFORE it is too late.

Due to the intensity of this program, participation is very limited and fees are based on Paw Law’s fees for private lessons, $75 per hour, in house. Participation in this program requires an initial 1 ½ to 2 hour private evaluation of you and your dog. If, after the private evaluation, you decide this program is not for you or if Jan Hicks determines that you are not committed to modifying your dog’s behavior, and/or that you and your dog will not benefit from this program, there is no obligation to continue this program at Paw Law.

If you are looking for a “quick fix”, then this program is NOT for you. The program requires dedication. There are no magic wands or pills that will change your dog’s behavior. The only thing that may work is educating YOU and having YOU follow the behavior modification program.

Private/Semi-Private Lessons/Consultations

Do you have a non-typical schedule that prohibits you from attending one of our many group classes; or are you looking for more one-on-one time when training your dog? Does your dog have “issues” that would prohibit the dog from attending group classes? A single training or behavior modification consultation is $75 per hour at Paw Law's training facility in Hanover Park. In home training and/or behavior modification consultations are $75 per hour (an additional surcharge may be incurred based upon your location). Private or semi-private training packages are also available, call us for more information.