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Positive Beginnings - Basic Obedience

For dogs 5 months & up to any age. This is a basic doggy manners class where we work on the basics your dog should know to be a well-mannered pet. The skills of sit, down, stay, come, walk on a loose leash, leave it, drop it & don’t jump on people are refined in this class. Rome wasn’t built in a day and a good dog takes months of training. Put the time in now and you will live happily ever after with your canine partner.

Effective Immediately, there will be no dogs the first night of positive beginnings classes.  The first night will be orientation, demos with our dogs and taking care of payments & paperwork. Dogs will start the class in week 2.

Class Start Dates       

Saturdays @ 11AM - Beginning 1-12-19          

Class fee for 6-week class is $150.00 - Call Don 312-735-9563


Beyond Basic Obedience

So your dog knows the basics as long as there is nothing better to do. Sound familiar? In reality, a dog does not really KNOW “sit” until you are willing to bet $100 that when you cue the dog to sit (one time), he will sit even if a squirrel is running by. This class builds on all of the training you have done so far with your dog, with the goal of adding more distractions without losing the reliability of the behavior. Consistency is the key to getting a dog to be reliable no matter what situation you are in. Some people can do this on their own, but most people need the consistency a class offers while refining their dog’s obedience cues.  We will focus on Canine Good Citizen exercises and off-leash exercises if appropriate.

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Advance Beginner/Refresher Obedience Class

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Canine Good Citizen Obedience

The CGC class prepares both the dog and handler for the CGC test which will be given the last week of class.  Passing the CGC test is the first step for anyone interested in therapy certification for their dog.

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* Ongoing means that this class is one of Paw Law's "Punch/Training Card" classes. Punch cards are purchased the first day of class and have an expiration date on them. This date is determined by which class you are signing up for to use up 8 punches. After the expiration date, the punch card will have no value. NO EXCEPTIONS. Paw Law's punch cards are NOT transferable to any other dog. Paw Law is NOT responsible for lost cards. If an owner forgets their card, they will be required to pay for class that day (cash, check, or credit card). NO EXCEPTIONS. There are NO refunds for unused punches on a training card. Contact 630-893-5789 for more information.

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