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Introduction to Flyball

Flyball is a team sport. There are 4 dogs on a team, a lane of 4 jumps and at the end of the lane is the flyball box. The dog has to go over the jumps, hit the box, which propels the ball. Dog catches the ball, runs back over the jumps and then the next dog goes. Sound like fun? It is! Even if you donít ever want to compete in flyball, it is a great way for a dog to blow off steam and have a blast doing it. The only requirement is that your dog has to be dog-friendly and hopefully like a tennis ball.

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Class fee for each 4-weeks is $75.00

 Continuing (Advanced) Flyball

This class is for dogs that are triggering the flyball box, catching the ball and running without gates surrounding the jumps. We will continue to work on box skills, perfecting the swimmerís turn, passing other dogs and running 2 lanes. Even if you donít want to compete in flyball, this is a great way for your dog to run off some energy. This is an ongoing class and that students can join at any time.

Class Start Date                  


Class fee for each 8-week session is $140.00



* Ongoing means that this class is one of Paw Law's "Punch/Training Card" classes. Punch cards are purchased the first day of class and have an expiration date on them. This date is determined by which class you are signing up for to use up 8 punches. After the expiration date, the punch card will have no value. NO EXCEPTIONS. Paw Law's punch cards are NOT transferable to any other dog. Paw Law is NOT responsible for lost cards. If an owner forgets their card, they will be required to pay for class that day (cash, check, or credit card). NO EXCEPTIONS. There are NO refunds for unused punches on a training card. Contact 630-893-5789 for more information.

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